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The 5th - The 1st cc.B.C.
The 1st - The 10th cc.A.D.
The 11th -The 15th cc.A.D.
The 15th -The 19th cc.A.D.






The Georgian Numismatics

 Old Georgian coins (5th c. B.C. - 19th c. A.D.)


            The history of coin emission and circulation in Georgia is almost as old as the history of numismatics itself. The most ancient issues were struck in the west Georgian kingdom - Colchis (Kolkha), in the 5th century B.C. 

            First coins with Georgian inscriptions were struck in 6th c AD on behalf of the princes (Erismtavari) of Kartli (Iberia). 

           The inscriptions on the coins are either in Georgian or are bilingual, Georgian and Arabic (sometimes Persian). The bilingual issues were common also during the Mongol domination. 

            This catalogue includes coins issued only by Georgian kings (rulers) and/or having National characteristics. The catalogue is simply divided into four chronological  sections, representing the four different periods of Georgian statehood. You can navigate through these sections using the links on the left-hand side of the page.




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