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General information on Georgia


    The Current State flag and State emblem of Georgia (Since 2004)

National motto: Dzala ertobashia (Georgian: The Power is in Unity)


Anthem   &  Lyrics (in Georgian)


Georgia is a country of Transcaucasus, formerly one of the constituent union republics of the Soviet Union. It lies in the Caucasus Mountains on the southeastern shores of the Black Sea. Georgia is bounded to the north by Russia and to the south by Turkey, and to the south and southeast by Azerbaijan and Armenia.



Georgia is Sakartvelo in Georgian,  Gruzia - in Russian, Gurjistan - in Turkish


Historical names - Georgia - Colchis & Iberia, Egrisi & Kartli

Historical provinces - Abkhazia (Abkhazeti), Mengrelia (Samegrelo, Dadiania), Odishi, Svaneti, Imereti, Lazica, Guria, Ajara, Kartli, Samachablo,  Kakheti, Samtskhe,  Meskheti, Javakheti, Hereti  (Click here to see The Historic-Administrative mapping of Georgia)

Capital - Tbilisi

Capital's coordinates - 41° 43' N, 44° 48' E

Political System - Parliamentary Democracy

President - Mikheil Saakashvili (elected in 2004)  

Territory - 69 700 sq km

Administrative-territorial units - The country is divided into 9 regions, 65 districts, 5 towns of Republic Dependence (without Abkhazeti and Tskhinvali region)

Population (2002) -  4,693,892

Density - 67/km²

Calling code - +995 

Internet domain - .ge

Highest point - Mt Shkhara, 5068m altitude

Time zone - GMT + 3:00

National Currency - Lari (GEL)

Main Religion - Georgian Orthodox Christianity

State language - Georgian

Alphabet - Georgian

  - Georgian Alphabet "Mkhedruli"

     -  Georgian Alphabet "Asomtavruli" (Capitals, currently not in use)




Georgia comprises several climatic zones, and on days when it rains in eastern Georgia, it's likely to be fine in southern Georgia while it might snow in the north and be terribly windy or hot in the other parts. The climate in lowland Georgia is similar to the warm Mediterranean region.




The Georgian cuisine is age-old: diverse, delicious and fresh. In agricultural regions, the soil is naturally very fertile, yielding even citruses and some other tropical fruits and vegetables. Grape growing and winemaking culture has been present from time immemorial. Many scientists believe, that word "wine" (vino) is derived from Georgian word - gvino.



Some interesting facts

 - Georgia is the motherland of the oldest Hominid in Eurasia - human fossils dating 1.75 million years have been found at the archaeological site in Dmanisi.


- Georgian Christian culture is unique and magnificent.  “The World Heritage List” by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), from Georgia includes:

1994 City-Museum Reserve of Mtskheta
1994 Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery
1996 Upper Svaneti

- UNESCO hereby proclaims: Georgian Polyphonic singing is a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.


- The word “medicine” is derived from the name of the Colchian (west Georgian kingdom) princess Medea, featured in Ancient Greek legend of Jason and the Argonauts, who traveled there in search of the Golden Fleece.



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